Monday, May 16th

10 am Pacific (+Recording)

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Taught by Robin Ray Green, Acupuncturist, Author & Speaker

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  1. What do symptoms like hyperactivity, irritability, sleep issues, chronic runny nose, stomachaches, constipation, frequent illness, allergies, and asthma all have in common? Come find out the role food plays in these issues.
  2. Don't let the fear of changing your child's diet stop you from healing the root of the problem. Robin will show you her step-by-step plan for gently easing your child into changing her diet without tears or tantrums.
  3. Learn why gluten and dairy are two of the most problematic foods for kids and a few simple ways to make these foods easier to digest and more nutritious.
  4. Learn how to identify and treat food sensitivities and when to retest to see if your child is no longer reacting to the trigger foods.
  5. You'll also get Robin's Dietary Elimination Instructions Guide along with her special Chinese massage routine for healing the gut.

Robin Ray Green is a mother, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and a leading expert in the field of pediatric acupuncture. She holds a Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the prestigious Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, California. Robin has over ten years clinical experience helping children with asthma, allergies and eczema heal using Chinese medicine. She maintains a private clinical practice in Morgan Hill, California. An up-and-coming Hay House author, Robin’s book, Heal Your Child from the Inside Out: The 5-Element Way to Nurturing Healthy, Happy Kids, will be in bookstores soon.

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